Resident Notice - City of Katy Water System

Posted: August 10, 2022All Posts

Dear Grand Lakes Residents,

It has come to our attention the City of Katy has elevated water restrictions to Stage 2 of their Drought Contingency Plan, making it mandatory to restrict water usage. This notification applies ONLY to residents and businesses who receive water from the City of Katy infrastructure.

As residents of Grand Lakes, you do NOT receive water from the City of Katy. This information from the City of Katy may have been misleading when shared on local social media groups. Each Municipal Utility District has its own water treatment infrastructure and is responsible for setting its own restrictions. While we are residents of the Katy area, we are on our own system and do not rely on the City of Katy’s infrastructure for water use and consumption.

At this time, our District has set the level to Stage 2, Moderate Restrictions, and thank those residents who are making efforts to reduce unnecessary water consumption. Likewise, we continue to recommend setting irrigation systems to water in the nighttime hours for greatest efficiency and the least amount of water evaporation.