Grand Lakes MUD 4 Winter Preparedness

Posted: December 31, 2021All Posts

It’s that time of year! The Gulf Coast is now several months past Winter Storm Uri, which occurred in February 2021. This severity of winter storms is not a regular occurrence in south Texas and caught many homeowners off-guard. Many homes encountered frozen pipes and plants that became costly to repair or replace. Some homes in Grand Lakes have still not been completely restored.

As the District approaches the 2021/2022 winter season, it is important to ensure residents and GLMUD 4 alike address all opportunities to mitigate possible freeze damage. During Winter Storm Uri, the District water facilities were taxed at a high level due to the numerous leaks we had in the community. As a result, system water pressure fell below the standard and the District had to acquire some water resources from a neighboring district. The Board of Directors was very thankful for their assistance in providing this resource to GLMUD 4 residents.

Many homeowners have installed irrigations systems. GLMUD 4 would like everyone to know that these systems, if allowed to freeze, can cause large unintended water use that can go undetected for some time, and will contribute to low water pressure throughout the community. Please ensure that these systems are serviced and prepared for the winter season via winterization. There are many informative “how-to” videos on the internet, and irrigation professionals should be consulted if residents are unsure how to proceed safely with winterization.